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  1. Moonchip Custom Code in Article

    Moonchip Custom Code in Article is a plugin that allows you to place custom code anywhere in your Joomla! articles, there are 6 custom code slots for you to use, for example simply enter your custom code into an empty slot 1 in the plugin backend and then in your Joomla! article type in the tag 'custcode1' and the custom code will appear in the article in the front end, to use the other custom code slots use tags 'custcode2' - 'custcode6' in the articles of your site.

    To start simply install the plugin and then make sure it's enabled.

    The plugin must be enabled for it to work when you type in the tags 'custcode1' 'custcode2' etc into your articles.

    In the plugin backend choose a slot where you want to place your custom code, there are 6 slots in total.

    The custom code label is for back-end reference only and won't show in the front end, the custom code box is where you paste your custom code.

    In the Joomla! backend article editor simply type in the tag 'custcode1' anywhere in the article you want your custom code to appear, you may also use the formatting options in the article editor such as aligning the custom code to the left or right, you may also use formatting options in the custom code itself in the plugin backend.

    You may use any custom code you want from any source.

    Please make sure you use the relevant tag for the back end custom code slot you are using, for example, use tag 'custcode1' in your articles for custom code slot 1 and 'custcode2' 'custcode3' 'custcode4' 'custcode5' 'custcode6' for the others.

    When you visit the front end of your site your custom code should appear in the article I have used social share buttons as an example.

    In the article editor you can use the alignment options to align the custom code too, simply align the custom code tag in the article editor and it will align the custom code in the front end of the site.

    The great thing about the plugin as it provides one source for your custom code, so if you end up creating 1000's of articles and you want to change your custom code you simply go into the plugin backend and paste in the new custom code and it will update the code across 1000's of articles instantly! it's also great for if you want to experiment with a different code as you only need to change your code in one place.

  2. Instagram Fetcher

    Instagram Fetcher Shows your recent Instagram posts on your Joomla website.
    It enables you to control:
    1) Showing the number of likes
    2) Showing the number of comments
    3) Showing the created dates
    4) Showing posts captions
    5) Custom captions
    6) Some styles for images**

    To use this module, first you must provide an access token to your Instagram page. It is an essential parameter for fetching data from Instagram. The number of likes, comments and created dates of Instagram posts are shown on images hover.

    If you like to apply your style to this module, you can go to css folder and edit instagramfetcher.css file. For more information, see Documentation page.

    keywords: Instagram fetcher, Showing Instagram posts, Display Instagram posts, Display Instagram photos, Display Instagram images.

  3. Sponsorswall

    Present your advertising partners with the attention they deserve. Create an attractive sponsor overview with little effort. Ideal for clubs, etc.

    Flexible control of the display width of the elements
    The output of the individual elements can be flexibly adapted. Control the display width for individual subcategories (not for Bootstrap2 templates).

    Responsive Layout
    Thanks to the Bootstrap Template Framework, the output is responsive. The width can be set individually for each breakpoint (except for bootstrap2 templates)

    - For Joomla 3.x
    - Responsive
    - Bootstrap 4 compatible
    - Bootstrap 3 compatible
    - Bootstrap 2 compatible
    - Bootstrap 4 compatible
    - Simple operation
    - No programming skills required
    - Flexible
    - Click counter
    - Templade-Override ready for individual adaptation

  4. MepHelpDesk

    MepHelpDesk is a Tickets support system for your registred users.
    Joomla Admins and Super Admins are moderators.
    Your users can open tickets, answer the moderators questions and they will notified via mail whenever.
    Real time chat in ticket page.

  5. Progressive Web App

    Progressive Web App is an extension that makes your Joomla website installable on any device and able to send automatic native Push notifications for new content to your subscribed customers.